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UPVC Doors in Avadi

VKP Interiors

UPVC Windows in Avadi

Looking for top UPVC Windows in Avadi and UPVC Doors in Avadi? VKP Interiors, one of the prominent manufacturers of UPVC Doors and Windows in Avadi. At VKP Interiors, we proudly offer high-quality UPVC windows and doors to homeowners and businesses across the region. Our expert team has over 15 years of experience installing UPVC products customized for your unique needs

Why Choose UPVC?

UPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, has many advantages over traditional materials like wood and metal:

UPVC Doors in Avadi
  • Durability - UPVC is highly resistant to weathering, rotting, rusting and corrosion. Our UPVC products come with long warranties up to 10 years.
  • Energy Efficiency - UPVC windows and doors provide excellent thermal insulation. This helps reduce your energy bills while keeping your home comfortable.
  • Noise Reduction - The dense, hollow chambers in UPVC block outside noise pollution. This allows for quiet and peaceful indoor environments.
  • Low Maintenance - UPVC requires very little upkeep compared to other materials. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all that's needed.
  • Customizable - UPVC can be manufactured in various colors, finishes and styles to suit your aesthetic preferences.
  • Security - Advanced locking systems and reinforced frames make UPVC products highly secure. This deters potential intruders.

Our UPVC Installation Process

At VKP Interiors, we make the process of choosing and installing new UPVC windows and doors as smooth as possible:

  • Initial consultation - We assess your needs, budget, timeline and style preferences.
  • Product selection - We select high-quality UPVC products in your ideal colors, finishes and configurations.
  • Precise measurement - Our team takes detailed measurements of all openings to custom-manufacture your UPVC products.
  • Pre-installation checks - We inspect the products and your property before installation day to ensure everything is ready.
  • Professional installation - Our experienced fitters neatly remove old fixtures and install your new UPVC with minimal disruption.
  • Post-installation service - After installation, we test for any issues, clean the site, and provide maintenance guidance.
  • Ongoing support - We offer a 10-year warranty and are available for any questions or service needs.

UPVC Products We Offer

At VKP Interiors, we supply and install a vast range of UPVC products manufactured to the highest standards:

  • Windows - Casement, tilt-and-turn, sliding sash, bay, bow, Tilt, and Slide.
  • Doors - Front, back, French, patio, and stable doors.
  • Conservatories - Modern and traditional conservatory styles with polycarbonate or glazed roofs.