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PVC TV Showcase in Avadi

Pvc Tv show case
VKP Interiors

PVC TV Cabinet Dealers in Avadi

Looking for the top PVC TV Cabinet Dealers in Avadi? VKP Interiors, one of the top PVC TV Showcase Designers in Avadi, provide unique PVC TV Showcase in Avadi. Television is often the focal point of a living room or entertainment area. At VKP Interiors, we create unique PVC TV showcases that seamlessly blend your television into your home's décor. Our experienced team custom designs and installs beautiful PVC cabinets tailored specifically for your TV, media players, and accessories.

Completely Customized for Your Space

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our PVC TV showcases are meticulously designed for your individual room dimensions, TV size, and aesthetic preferences.

  • A VKP Interiors specialist will visit your home to take measurements and understand your vision. We consider the size of your TV, desired viewing angles, components like cable boxes and gaming consoles, lighting placement, and more.
  • You choose the showcase's shape, dimensions, colors, and finish. We have various durable and stylish PVC boards to create a fully customized TV showcase.
  • Based on your preferences, we engineer and manufacture a flawless TV showcase that fits your space and requirements.
Pvc Tv showcase in avadi

Seamless TV Integration

Our custom PVC showcases enable you to integrate your TV into your living space seamlessly.

  • TV showcases conceal unsightly wires, cables, and devices to give your entertainment area a clean, unified look.
  • We strategically design the showcase around your seating arrangement for optimal TV viewing angles
  • Ambient lighting can be incorporated to provide soft illumination and complement your interior design.
  • We construct back panels and side extensions that blend the showcase into your wall for a refined built-in look.

Premium Construction and Materials

Engineered by our in-house design team and constructed on-site, our showcases are built to the highest quality standards with premium materials.

  • PVC boards are highly durable, waterproof, and heat/scratch resistant. They will maintain their sleek appearance for years.
  • Showcases feature expert carpentry, including reinforced internal frames for stability.
  • For enhanced acoustic performance, cabinets can be lined with noise-dampening materials.
  • We use tamper-proof fasteners and provide cable/component access doors for easy hookups and maintenance.

Seamless Installation Process

We oversee your TV showcase installation from design to completion at every step.

  • Our team will arrive with all the necessary tools, materials, and protective coverings for a smooth installation.
  • We typically complete on-site construction and setup in one day for minimal disruption.
  • You can relax knowing your showcase is engineered to bear the weight of your TV without sagging or misalignment over time.
  • We completely clean up afterward, leaving you with a fully installed and functional TV showcase tailored to your space.

Bring elegance and purpose to your living space with a custom-designed PVC TV showcase from VKP Interiors. Our showcases seamlessly integrate your TV while adding a touch of sophistication. Contact us today to get started designing your perfect TV wall unit.