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PVC Loft Covering in Avadi

PVC Loft Covering
VKP Interiors

PVC Loft Covering Designers in Avadi

Are you looking to have PVC Loft Covering in Avadi, Chennai? VKP Interiors is the top PVC Loft Covering Designers in Avadi. At VKP Interiors, we specialize in supplying and installing high-quality PVC loft covering to help maximize your storage space. Our experienced team will work with you to completely transform your loft into a clean, dry storage solution.

Full Loft Coverings

We can provide full PVC loft covering across the entire floor area of your loft space. After an initial survey of your property, we will custom-manufacture the PVC sheets to fit your loft dimensions perfectly. The coverings are laid over the existing floorboards to provide a durable and waterproof surface for storage.

  • PVC floor coverings are slip-resistant for safety
  • Completely seals the loft space from dust and moisture ingress
  • Thermal backing prevents condensation build-up
  • Easy to wipe clean and maintain
PVC Loft Covering in Avadi

Insulation Services

We also offer professional loft insulation services for increased energy efficiency and comfort. This keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. We use high-quality insulation materials installed neatly between the joists.

  • Reduces heating and cooling costs all year round
  • Prevents draughts and temperature fluctuations
  • Increases soundproofing from outside noise
  • Can help achieve better EPC ratings for your property

Loft Ladders and Lighting

We can install loft ladders and lighting to utilize your loft space fully. We supply and fit sturdy metal loft ladders for safe access and energy-efficient LED lighting.

  • Wide range of loft ladder styles to suit your space
  • Installation includes all necessary framing and trim
  • Bright, adjustable LED lights for visibility when storing items
  • Can create separate switch circuits for the loft lighting

Storage Solutions

We offer a complete package of storage solutions to help organize your new loft space. We can create tailored storage for your needs, from heavy-duty shelving units to partition walls.

  • Free-standing and wall-mounted shelving units
  • Robust adjustable shelving systems
  • Custom storage boxes and containers
  • Solid timber or plasterboard partition walls
  • Attractive loft doors for discreet storage separation

Professional Installation

Trained professionals perform all our loft installations. We take great care not to cause any damage and contain dust with plastic sheeting. Our team will dispose of all waste materials for you upon completion.

  • Minimum disruption to your home
  • Protective dust sheets for a clean working environment
  • All materials secured safely out of the way while curing
  • Complimentary cleanup service and removal of debris

With over 10 years of experience transforming loft spaces, VKP Interiors can provide the full package of supply and professional installation services. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your project and take advantage of our competitive pricing.