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PVC Showcase in Avadi

PVC Showcase
VKP Interiors

PVC Showcase Manufacturers in Avadi

Are you looking for PVC Showcase in Avadi? Well, Choose VKP Interiors, best PVC Showcase manufacturers in Avadi. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a versatile plastic material used in various applications, from pipes and windows to furniture and display cases. At VKP Interiors, we specialize in supplying and installing PVC showcases - an excellent choice for any retail or commercial space looking for an attractive yet durable display solution.

Benefits of PVC Showcases

PVC showcases numerous advantages that make them a popular choice for shops, restaurants, offices, museums, and more:

  • Aesthetically pleasing - PVC showcases come in various colors and finishes like woodgrain to complement any interior décor. Their sleek, streamlined design gives a modern and stylish look.
  • Tough and durable - Being highly impact-resistant, PVC showcases can withstand wear and tear from daily use. Their scratch-resistant surfaces retain their luster for a long.
  • Lightweight - PVC is lighter than wood or glass. This makes PVC showcases easier to transport and install.
  • Customizable - From size to shape to color, PVC showcases can be made to order as per your exact specifications. We offer fully customized solutions.
  • Low maintenance - PVC needs very little maintenance. An occasional wipe is all it takes to keep PVC showcases looking new.
PVC Showcase in Avadi

PVC Showcase Styles We Offer

With in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can provide PVC showcases in a range of standard as well as custom styles:

  • Straight showcases - We offer simple, straight PVC showcases in square, rectangular, or round shapes for straight display needs.
  • Corner showcases - We can create angled corner showcases with storage solutions to fit in corner spaces.
  • Wall-mounted showcases - PVC showcases can be mounted directly on walls for a floating look. We ensure secure installation.
  • Island showcases - Island-style PVC showcases make an elegant statement piece for standalone displays.
  • Display counters - We offer PVC display counters integrated with glass shelves, racks, and lights for an all-in-one retail display solution.
  • Custom designs - Apart from regular styles, we can fabricate unique, bespoke PVC showcases tailored to your requirements.

Complete Installation Services

We undertake end-to-end PVC showcase installation services:

  • Site measurement - Our team will visit your site to measure the area where the showcase will be installed accurately.
  • Site preparation - Based on measurements, we assess the site and prepare it for showcase installation. This may involve leveling floors, installing mounts, or making other adjustments.
  • Case delivery - We will deliver the PVC showcase to your location once the site is ready. All our cases are shipped fully assembled.
  • Installation - Our professionals will securely install the PVC showcase using sturdy brackets and supports at your chosen spot. Proper leveling ensures perfect alignment.
  • Post-installation checks - We perform thorough checks after installation to ensure the case is properly attached, leveled, aligned, and ready to use. The area is cleaned up afterward.

Partner with VKP Interiors for All Your PVC Showcase Needs

For high-quality, customizable PVC showcases installed professionally, look no further than VKP Interiors. With years of experience supplying and fitting PVC displays across many sectors, we are the experts you can trust. Contact us today for a free quote or site visit. Our team will be delighted to assist you in selecting and installing the perfect PVC showcases to showcase your products in style.